Tax, Trusts and Estates

Our Tax, Trust and Estates Group provides advice with respect to income, gift and estate tax issues as well as trust and estate issues.

With respect to income tax issues, the Group advises on a variety of local and international transactions, including cross-border mergers, acquisitions and investments, real estate acquisitions and municipal laws, and financing and restructuring transactions.  The Group also provides assistance with local and international commercial tax planning and tax structuring; individual tax planning, employee benefits taxation, and tax litigation.  With respect to estate and gift tax, the Group provides estate and gift tax planning for high net worth individuals as well as foreign individual relocating to the U.S. or investing in the U.S.  The Group also drafts the wills and trusts that are an integral part of all estate and gift tax planning as well as handles the administration of the estates of the deceased.

Representative Matters:

  • Advised US employees for an international company on the tax structure for the issuance of options and stock bonuses and recommended the most tax-favorable structure for the distribution of profits from dividends by a US corporation to foreign subsidiaries.
  • Negotiated a settlement with the Internal Revenue Services to minimize adverse tax consequences arising out of non-payment of trust fund withholdings taxes.
  • Prepared an estate plan for a young family following the birth of their daughter and structured and negotiated a complex prenuptial agreement for an international couple.
  • Coordinated a complex 482 report and a series of related transactions for a high tech company.
  • Structured foreign investors’ investment in U.S. real estate in partnership with U.S. developer and managers.
  • Structured U.S. operations of the foreign company establishing operations within the U.S.
  • Established a multi-national structure for U.S. company opening operations in the Middle East and Central America.
  • Established a multi-generational estate tax plan for U.S. person with foreign parents and grandparents to minimize estate and income tax on anticipated future bequests.

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