Amnon ShibolethSenior Partner

Amnon Shiboleth is the Senior Partner of the New York law firm (affiliated with Shiboleth, Yisraeli, Roberts, Zisman & Co. in Tel Aviv, Israel). He began his legal career in Israel in 1968 at Solomon Lipshutz, then the largest law firm in Israel. In 1973, together with Richard Roberts, he formed Shiboleth, Roberts & Co. This became his present firm in Israel which now is one of the leading law firms in the country. He brought his business and legal experience to New York to form our firm in 1976. Utilizing his strong international expertise, Amnon has been extremely successful in structuring and negotiating complicated international transactions and advising clients as to complex commercial litigation proceedings in New York, Israel and Europe.

Amnon has an active involvement with our cases and regularly confers with the attorneys on tactics and management, bringing his knowledge and experience to many complex issues. Among Amnon’s many successes, he has:

Represented churches in various litigations within the church as well as a litigation and settlement in Israel and New York with respect to various real estate properties worth over one hundred million dollars.
Litigated cases with respect to directors’ liabilities before both Israeli and New York courts and supervised and strategized cases related to directors’ liability in Zurich and Amsterdam.
Negotiated various acquisitions by US international hotel chains in Europe.
Litigated and negotiated a settlement on behalf of six major US banks in an embezzlement and fraud case involving an amount in excess of one hundred fifty million dollars.
Negotiated and dealt with the sale of house brand trademarks for a multi-national textile corporation.
Represented a European government with respect to the offset program with a US publicly traded entity.
Represented a European government in the US market with respect to inducing US high tech corporations to set up their facilities in that country.
Negotiated the acquisition of various real estate developments in Eastern Europe, Portugal and the Netherlands.
Represented numerous Fortune 500 Corporations in setting up their business interests in Israel, Portugal, Poland and the Netherlands.
Represented German, French, Israeli and Dutch entities setting up their business in the US.
Apart from Amnon’s legal expertise, he is involved in numerous successful international and domestic business ventures. He is the Chairman of the Board of Blue City, one of the largest shopping malls in Poland, and was the Chairman of the Board of Millennium Plaza, a class A substantial office building in Warsaw, Poland. He is a board member of numerous companies in various jurisdictions such as the Netherlands (primarily financial and legal entities); Portugal (primarily financial and tourism entities); Hungary and Switzerland (primarily holding investment entities); as well as other locations representing interests of shareholders and beneficial owners.

Amnon is a member of the New York State Bar Association and the Israel Bar Association and practices law in both New York and Israel.


• Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he received his LL.B. in 1967

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