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Shiboleth is affiliated with one of the largest general practice law firms in Israel.  Many of our attorneys are fluent in Hebrew, are admitted to the bars in both Israel and the United States, and have practiced for many years in both countries.  In that regard, Shiboleth is the ideal firm for U.S. persons with business dealings or litigation within Israel or to Israeli persons with business dealings or litigation within the United States. Shiboleth offers its clients a variety of services, including:

Israeli Law Experts.  In adversarial proceedings, certain matters may be governed by Israeli law.  Our attorneys appear as experts in Israeli law in the United States litigations and arbitrations as well as international arbitrations providing written opinions and oral testimony as to Israeli law and its application to the matter under adjudication. 

Litigation.  We provide the full array of litigation services in the United States to persons and businesses located within Israel.  Further, in conjunction with our Israeli affiliate, we provide all aspects of litigation services in Israel for persons and businesses based in North America.

Business Transactions.  We provide a full range of corporate services for Israelis seeking to operate businesses within the United States and U.S. persons seeking to operate businesses in Israel.  Our services include structuring of the operations with an emphasis on functionality, efficiency and taxation; general counsel function; financing; and commercial agreements.

Real Estate.  Our attorneys represent North Americans investing in and operating real estate interests in Israel.  We also represent Israelis who invest in real estate located in the United States.  Legal services include those related to the purchase and sale of real estate interests, financing and leasing. 

Passive Investments.  We provide a full range of legal services to U.S. persons seeking to make passive financial investments within Israel.

Interaction With Governmental Authorities. Directly and through its affiliate, Shiboleth represents North Americans with matters before the Israeli government, its subdivisions as well as local governments.  One of Shiboleth's specialties is assisting in obtaining government subsidies and tax waivers for North Americans investing in Israeli businesses. 

Taxation.  In addition to structuring United States investments in Israel and Israeli investments in the United States, our attorneys represent North American clients before the Israeli tax authorities and Israeli clients before the federal, state and local tax authorities in the United States. 

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